All the Ways to Learn

Hey babe! I am so pumped you are here. My name is Amanda and I am a Diet Coke fiend, who loves a good 1/2 off sale at Hobby Lobby- because I have a TON of extra time for crafts - duh *my 5 kids, husband and busy career do not need to know I just made that statement* I am the photographer who will capture your heartfelt moments all while tripping over my feet and making "dad jokes". I am an emotive story telling photographer located in Southwest Missouri- but I travel the country taking photos and teaching workshops, retreats and mentorships. Family photography is my passion- but you know what reallyyyy lights my soul on fire? What I wake up for in the morning (aside from the Diet Coke mentioned above, of course) IS TEACHING OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS! Nothing is as rewarding as helping another creative reach their goals and see their full potential. Most of the time we are in our own way! We are scared, we hold ourselves back and we think our dreams are too big. Guess what, babe? You CAN do it all. Everything you are dreaming of- you are capable of. I want to help you realize that, work hard for that, and achieve that. Are you ready to PROSPER?

Below you will find a list of the education and educational tools that I offer. My full photography mentorship that covers EVERTHING you can imagine is The Prosper Course- which is the first one listed. Not ready to dive in yet or make that sort of investment - even though I promise you are worth it- that is okay. Check out one of the other many options to help you grow and learn as an artist and best serve your clients. Just click on each one to learn more.

Please just know that SOME but not all - of the single education topics are included in The Prosper Course and purchasing them individually first does not grant a credit or refund once you are able to purchase The Prosper Course.