Nine teachers, one mission: to whip up a photography education bundle that's bursting with information! Each of us got to show off our expert skills and knowledge on a topic we are passionate about, creating a bundle that's perfect for both the seasoned snapper *wow that's cute* and the newbies.

Let's face it; it's tough to know which educator to pick when you're trying to up your photography game. But with The Community Collective, you get all nine of us in one awesome package. No more decisions, no more buyers' remorse- just endless inspiration and growth. Get ready to see things in a whole new light.

Capturing Emotive Imagery

by Amanda Highbarger

What’s included:

-A full length family Behind The Scenes Video

-A video walk through comparing the families detailed questionnaire compared to prompts and connections captured during the session - the WHY behind how I did the session.

-An Editing Video that includes details on “cropping for emotion” and utilizing light

-A full length Newborn BTS to show how to capture emotive and non “stiff and posed” newborn imagery

Maternity Session - Capturing & Editing

by Brianna Merritt

What is included:

1. Behind the Scenes Video

-A full length behind the scenes video of a maternity session

2. Editing Tools

-Presets used to edit the maternity session and a video walk through of preset application and tips

Capturing Connections with Teens

by Mackenzie Pudenz

What is included:

1. Behind the Scenes Video

-A full length behind the scenes video of a family with teenagers to show how to bring out emotions, and capture connection between a family with older kids.

2. Editing Video

-An editing video walk through of a few images from the behind the scenes session

3. PDF of Prompts

-A pdf walk through of prompts and info for running your session with intent and connection.

Perfecting Skin Tones

by Jessi Ingram

What’s included:

-A detailed PDF discussing the topic

-Multiple, in-depth editing videos sharing my process on editing skin

-My portraiture settings

-2 custom brushes

What you will learn:

-You will learn how I edit different skin tones, including mixed race families, different ethnicity’s, spray tanned moms.

-I will show you things to look for when editing skin tones and how to get rid of problematic issues that arise while editing them

-simple tips + tricks I’ve learned over the years that help when editing skin tones

-how to see what colors certain skin tones pull and how to edit them accordingly

Prompts and Posing

by Brittany Grubbs

What is included:

1. A 55 page Detailed PDF

-A pdf that is FULL of prompts and posing guides for your sessions. With detailed explanations and results. Not just what to do - but the WHY behind it.

Family Session Behind the Scenes and Editing

by Kristin Marshall

What is included:

1. Behind the Scenes Video

-A full length behind the scenes video

2. Editing Video

-A full length editing video showing her entire post process

3. Editing Tools

-A mini pack of her 6 most used adjustment brushes

Color Grading & Editing Overcast

by Rebekah Melancon

What is included:

1. Editing Videos

-Color Grading topic based editing video and demonstration on how ot take an overcast image and make it look more “golden hour” using color grading tips and tricks and post processing

2. Editing Tools

-A mini preset pack

Capturing Light & Post Processing

by Michelle Close

What is included:

1. Editing Videos

-A full length editing video series going over different lighting scenarios with setting suggestions and basic tips.

2. Editing Tools

-Presets for different lighting situations

Styling With Intent

by Christie Grubbs

What is included:

1. Creating the connection

-Creating a connection with your clients to help you choose an overall vibe and individualized styling.

This will be in the form of a customizable PDF and 1 short video.

2. Beyond the closet

-Creating a story through the movement, colors and accessorizing of your client closet. Being intentional when buying items.

This will be in the form of BTS and edited video along with pictures from the gallery.

3. Keeping your color

-How to edit your photos true to color to keep your client closet consistent.

This will be in the form of screen recording/voice over.

This course is closed for enrollment.